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We’re here to make the workplace relevant, again!

CoWorkZen is here to enable businesses and working professionals to focus “zen” on their work while we take care of all the other hassles which may come their way. Starting from the smallest of issues like taking care of daily hospitality needs to maintaining a cultural environment in the office campus which is the need of the hour for the teams when they are meeting after 18 months of work from home scenarios OR are situated in hybrid model thus having small teams at different locations, CoWorkZen knows and takes care of everything that will be needed to maintain a HR friendly environment.

Faces behind the Game!

CoWorkZen is an outcome of a thought that occurred while the duo was visiting this place and planning to re-open the office post lockdown. The thought started with an idea to get a fresh interior done of the place just for their private use, however, turned out to become a coworking place because they clearly understood the need of a business owners who would want to bring their teams back together or raising nw teams or creating new products based upon the ideas they have had in past few months and it is really really important to have a place that pushes you to your #ZenMode.

Nayan Verma & Vishal Datt Wadhwa

Founders CoWorkZen

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